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Nord Vest Camioane SRL was founded from our concern to offer our customers quality and professionalism in international and domestic transport of goods. Whether you are a partner we are already working with or you are using our services for the first time, we will respond to your needs with professionalism. Taking advantage of the experience we gain, we try to raise our standards every day. We want to bring road freight transport to another level through professionalism, promptness and the latest technology used.

We want to evolve, to satisfy the needs of all our customers, which is why the orientation towards quality and integrated services are just some of our values.

We focused on professionalism from the beginning of the activity, which proved to be extremely useful in the partnerships in which we engaged, partnerships from which both parts had only to gain.

We provide you with a young team of professionals, who blend harmoniously with experienced people, good specialists. We believe in passion, vision and courage – only through enthusiasm and passion, we became successful and attracted value, the company’s history being clear proof of this.

Our team, made up of staff with experience in freight transport, has been vital from the very beginning to bring our company increased notoriety and to provide a safe and prompt service to our partners. Thanks to the dedication and skill on the transport market, which we show, we can ensure that your goods reach their destination in the shortest time and without problems.


Nord Vest Camioane – Jurmilka – Geobara Service

With the same shareholding as Nord Vest Camioane SRL, Jurmilka, s.r.o. is more than a reliable partner, with the same vision as us of development in the field of transport/logistics. Together we offer transport services at the highest quality standards, both companies being registered ISO 9001: 2015.

The endurance and reliability of our modern fleet is ensured by the Geobara Service SRL team, one of the most equipped car services dedicated to trucks in Western Romania. They are specialists in servicing and maintenance of Volvo trucks, but they successfully carry out their tasks on any car brand, offering the guarantee of a job well done.


ISO certification is a confirmation of Nord Vest Camioane compliance with the requirements of the standard. The criteria for transport certificates reflect market standards and the needs of shippers. An organized way of working, based on solid management principles for those in the constantly developing transport industry.


The company’s mission is to organize and provide dedicated and personalized transport services for individual transports. In addition, we want to assert ourselves as a loyal partner, able to meet the specific needs of customers, but also to constantly improve our position both locally and internationally.


The company’s vision is to overcome the barriers involved in the conventional "supplier-customer" relationship and to make possible an interactive experience in which the "customer" has control over the provided service. Moreover, through the total transparency of the costs involved, our partners have at all times all the information on the price of the services provided by us.


The most important value of the company is the focus on customers and employees in order to continuously increase the level of satisfaction of their needs, as well as the full involvement of employees in order to use their skills for the benefit of customers.


Mainly served industries


We load and transport car parts and accessories such as windshields, bodies, seats, covers, but also equipment for industrial robots.


We specialize in the transport of sheet metal coils. We transport reinforced concrete, wire, pipes, copper wires, cables, etc.


We offer transport solutions for cellulose, paper rolls, pressed cardboard, bags.

Consumer goods

We organize full loads and transports for detergents, non-alcoholic beverages, chips, non-perishable food.


We transport without problems different construction materials such as tiles, paving, curbs, plasterboard, concrete pillars.


We offer transport services in the field of petrochemicals, so we load oil, paints, primers, varnishes.


Frequent routes


With its headquarters 500 m from the Hungarian border, we have quick access to most European destinations.


So far we have collaborated with over 500 satisfied customers, most of them from Central and Western Europe.

Insured goods

The client’s goods are insured by CMR insurance up to the value of 2.500.000 Euros, concluded with the ASKO (Assekuranz Broker de Asigurare) insurer.


All shipments operated by Nord Vest Camioane are constantly monitored by GPS. We want to ensure the transparency of the data.

Our trucks are equipped with the latest technologies in the field, in order to be able to permanently track the geographical position of the trucks, respectively of the transported goods as well as the estimated times to the destination.

Given the activity we carry out, we are aware of the impact it has on the environment. That’s why we try to minimize the negative effects of carbon emissions by using both us and our partners, state-of-the-art vehicles with Euro 5, Euro EEV and Euro 6 engines.

Our trucks ensure the transport and delivery of your goods on time and in the best conditions. Depending on your needs, we can provide trucks with 2 drivers, semi-trailer with tarpaulin (with side loading or on top), coil-mulde.

The 100 coil-mold semi-trailers specialized in the transport of coils, sheet metal rollers from their own park are equipped with: 20 straps, 40 corners, 30 anti-skid mats and 2 cargo support bars. We cover a wide geographical area (most European Union countries) but we do not exclude other destinations. We also offer the possibility to transport domestic or international groupings (two – three or more uploads and downloads respectively).


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Romania (Bihor), Bors, 417075

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