Intern and international transport


We provide intern and international services for the transport of general goods.

In the field of transport, the category of general cargo means a wide range of goods and products. This category includes all goods that can be distributed from one point to another by means of a standard means of transport of goods: trucks with tarpaulin semi-trailer, trucks, etc.

The general freight category does not include those goods which, due to their properties, characteristics, dimensions, volumes or weight, can only be transported by specialized or authorized means of transport.

Transports are performed on the basis of CMR international conventions. We can offer, within the limit of available trucks, competitive freight rates on routes and destinations from and to all counties of Europe.

The most frequented routes by our trucks are: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Austria, France, England, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia.





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