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Thanks to the excellent collaboration relations and the connections we have with our partners, we can deliver the goods to you quickly and safely.

So far we collaborate with many companies both nationally (Romania) and internationally, so we have stable and lasting connections especially in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In addition, we try to cover a wide range of fields, as a result we distribute goods of different kinds: automotive, metallurgy, packaging / paper, consumer goods, construction, petrochemicals, etc.

The payment always on time and constant in kilometers traveled has made it possible over time to develop a successful partnership with an important portfolio of carriers. We always adapt to the demands of the market and we offer collaboration contracts for tractionists, on a long-term basis, under the following conditions:

  • We work in round-trip mode and cover approximately 10.000 km per month. Groupings are not made. We accept trucks with any pollution norm. We only work with our semi-trailers. We only have coil-molded tarpaulins with a 2.78 m inner height curtain and normal tires, so not for MEGA. No rent is charged on the semi-trailer. Usually on weekends the car is at home, but it is not a 100% guarantee.
  • We pay 0.7 euro/ km + VAT + tax from Slovakia and Hungary if the car travels from and to the three countries SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, ROMANIA. This route interests us most for tractionists. Strictly intern transport (Romania) is not performed.
  • Returns from the country to the west of the country to its borders (Pețea, Nădlac, Borș) are charged with 0.6 euro/km + VAT. From the border we pay 0.7 euro/km + VAT + tax for Slovakia and Hungary.
  • When we have to send tractionists internally, we pay from the garage to the destination anywhere in Romania and the return to the garage with 3 ron/km + VAT.
  • We pay 0.78 euro/km + VAT if the car travels from and to the rest of Europe for example CZECH REPUBLIC, POLAND, GERMANY, DENMARK. We don’t pay tolls here. Only the fare/km.
  • We make payments to truckers 30 days from the date of receipt of your transport invoice plus related documents (CMR, notices). It is billed for each download when you have the original documents. We need at least 2 CMR in original + related notices.
  • We offer fuel at our own pump inside the company, quality fuel brought from MOL TILEAGD BIHOR. The sale price to traction drivers is the price displayed daily at POMPA MOL in Șoseaua Borșului near VOLVO Truck Service minus 10 bani/liter VAT included.
  • Payment term 30 days.
  • We offer road and technical assistance with competitive costs through our own service Geobara Service SRL.
  • CMR insurance required for goods worth 100.000 euros intern/extern.
  • WEB-EYE GPS satellite tracking contract required.
  • Required 20 anchor straps 500 DAN, 40 plastic corners, 2 cargo bars, 3 pallets, 6 non-slip mats 6 meters long, driver protection equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves, steel-tipped boots, reflective vest).
  • Authorization for transport of non-hazardous waste on the territory of Romania is required. The costs are low (approx. 500 lei/5 years/company).
  • Required key with force multiplier, tool kit and hydraulic jack with valve 10 – 12 tons.
  • The colleague from the legal Anca Bront (0769.024.793) can guide you in case you need additional details in this regard).

The following documents are required in order to sign the contract:

  • Company CUI
  • Transport license
  • Administratorʼs ID
  • Driver’s ID
  • Tractor coupon
  • Conforms tractor
  • B.O. endorsed on behalf of the administrator, unsigned, unstamped for the purchase of fuel from the own pump.
  • B.O. endorsed on behalf of the administrator, unsigned, unstamped if you want a service contract with our company Geobara Service SRL.
  • Signature specimen from the issuing bank of B.O.
  • CMR insurance
  • Non-Hazardous waste transport licence in Romania.

For more details please contact Madalin Birau 0769.024.791.

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